Although I was born far from Squamish, I consider it my home, or at least I consider the Squamish boulders my home. And Hueco, and Joe’s and well… perhaps just about any boulder field.  And since I consider these places my home, I do my best to treat them as such.

For example:  I pick up after myself. This includes my tape, spilled chalk, garbage, foreign fruit peels, and as well, I try to keep my belongings in one pile rather than scattered all over the place for others to trip in.

Not limited to my own items, I do my best to keep this forest tidy. I pick up others garbage, I watch my pad placements: taking care not to crush plants and trees. I try hard to stay on trails, maintain trails, and if necessary, creating trails if a particular area shows spreading and degradation.

The Squamish forest is full of life.  Green life, brown life, slimy bug life, people life…  I hope that people realize this and see that they too are part of this life and must do their best to care for these climbing areas and take care of it.

In recent years the forest has taken a beating, this year in particular. There are more people in the forest, bigger groups and unfortunately more garbage. Although people are getting better with staying on trail, there are still quite a few walking off trail. To help keep the forest with its special charm (and every other forest or desert) we need to keep these points in mind:


Trails are usually marked with logs, bush, and rocks. If the ground is packed and worn it’s likely a trail; If it is soft, mossy and covered with twigs, big or small, it’s likely NOT a trail.

∞ Do not widen trails.

If pads or people are in the way, just say “excuse me” instead of walking around them which has resulted in unnecessary widening of trails and erosion in areas which are normally untouched.

∞ Pick up your tape and garbage.

Used tape is the number one item littering the forest floor!  (And cigarette butts)

∞ Take care when placing your pad or throwing your pad. Green life doesn’t bounce back as fast as one may think!

∞ If looking to put up a new problem, think before you clean the rich moss of a boulder …

∞ Erase tick marks, brush the holds

∞ Encourage others to do the same!


As one of the self designated trail Nazi’s please do not be offended or take it personally if I or another well meaning trail Nazi asks you to take more care…! We care a bunch for the areas we climb in and don’t take it for granted.  ; )